From Karl, Skene lights on a BMW K1600 top case:

I wanted to have Skene lights installed on my bike's top box and this place was listed as a dealer in our area.  Turns out he does custom electrical and suspension work.  I was very impressed with the installation that he did for me.  Check out the Website for examples of the type of work they do.

From Jim, Traxxion shock and service Traxxion forks:

This review is long overdue!

It was a logistical nightmare figuring how to get my Gold Wing from Ormond Beach, Florida to Woodstock, Georgia and getting the rear shock upgraded and the AK-20 Axxion cartridges serviced.  What to do with myself while the bike was getting worked on..the whole nine yards.  I just hated the idea of putting it in the back of the pick-up and driving it there to you.

When you told me there was a authorized dealer in ORMOND BEACH I almost had a heart attack!  What is this shop like, I thought.

Dave's shop is so clean you really could eat off of the floors.  He is organized, has all the best tools and as caring about my bike as I am.  After talking to Dave for a bit I knew my bike would be taken care of as if it was his own.  I had the work done at Old Dog Moto Works and could not be any more pleased with his work or the performance of the Traxxion equipment.  His price was as we discussed with no surprises and he put my bike back together with the utmost of care. 

I absolutely love my Gold Wing now it is fully Traxxion Equipped.

 5 Star Rating

From Frank, Traxxion billet triple tree and bridge, return bike to original ride height:

I’ve never ridden a new Goldwing, so I can’t really compare but the difference is amazing. To me it rides like a new bike. The front end is tight and crisp and the ride is so much better. Low speed waiver is gone. Thank you so much!!

From Stanley, Traxxion Full Monty and lighting installs, Skene controller with Hyperlights:

My wife thanks you for our smooth ride. We started out at #10 rear shock setting and felt that it was a bit to stiff yet it absorbed the bumps so well that Ginny did not have to ride her pegs as she normally would. After a couple of stop sign rear shock adjustments we settled at a #7 setting for a two up only riding. That will be our starting point before we start to add any addition luggage. We were able to glide over the small imperfections in the road without notice and it handled better than it has ever with no vibration or wobble at any speed. I'm looking forward to smooth tire wear with extended miles before another new tire change. The cruise control adjustment that you made was perfect with no drop off in speed when I engage or disengage it. We decided to make the new add on rear trunk lighting to do a quick 4 slow 4 braking pattern then hold and the Hyper Lites blink for the first 5 seconds then hold I know I'll be lighting up the rear end of my Wing with noticability. I have begun my custom saddle research and will let you know what I plan on doing and if i may need the other seat you have. Thanks for the offer and the seat leads.
Good Riding and GOD Bless,